Organise friendly football matches with teams from all over the world

What is is a social networking site that allows amateur football teams to find a friendly match with other teams. Your team can find other teams in your area for a match or your team my even want to go on 'tour' and find teams in other countries to play matches with. The site is for all level so you may be a top amateur team and want to find friendlies in the close season or just a bunch of people who have a kick around in the park on Saturday afternoon and want to find some new oppositon.

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Even if your team isn't looking for friendlies at the moment you can you use the site to create your team's own webpages where you can post reports, squad profiles, blogs and pictures of your team.

The aim of the site is to promote football, travel and friendship between teams both locally and globally. The site is aimed at teams who play football for fun. When you register your team you'll be asked to give a brief description of the level of your team, when you'll be available for a match and what sort of matches you play i.e 11 a-side, 6 a-side, kick around in the park etc.

FootyUnited is currently in it's beta stage. This is a completly free service.


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Essex Road Giants FC
Essex Road Giants FC
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